Kintecus version 6.80 has been released.

19 Апреля 2019
February 17th, 2019 - Ianni Consulting releases Kintecus version 6.80

- The ultra-accurate standard error calculation of fits known as bootstrapping now supports Global/local regression datasets for both global and local variable regressions with/without equation constraints with/without multiple datasets with/without uneven time steps/unlimited data points with/without global/local initial conditions and with/without parameter constraints. This version comes with several published models in ACS/Elsevier journals. Kintecus is the only code in the world that can do this.

You longer need Matlab, nor Origin, nor Igor, nor JMP to workup your data and/or painstakingly create special scripts to analyze your data.

Please see the "Global Regression Analysis/Many Datasets+Init Conditions+Accurate Error Analysis 1" in the Kintecus Workbench program (or click on the Kintecus-Excel worksheet "Fe(VI)+ABTS_Fe(IV)_involved_multiple_fitting_20180729_10mM borate_pH=7_ks3=1e6.xlsm"). This method was recently extensively utilized in the ACS journal:

"Huang, Z.-S.; Wang, L.; Liu, Y.-L.; Jiang, J.; Xue, M.; Xu, C.-B.; Zhen, Y.-F.; Wang, Y.-C.; Ma, J., Impact of Phosphate on Ferrate Oxidation of Organic Compounds: An Underestimated Oxidant. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2018, 52, (23), 13897-13907."

- A few enhancements fix for thermodynamic databases that have coefficients with positive exponents represented by a space such as "1.234E 32" (it should be read in as 1.234E+32) or "9.874E 12" (9.874E+12) The older versions of Kintecus would read them as "1.234" and "9.874". Note that exponents with lower case "'e" such as "1.234e 32" were always read in correctly by Kintecus.

- General Enhancments and bug corrections for user defined constraints in regressions, other bug fixes.

- The Kintecus Workbench has been expanded to include many more example models (some published), tools, examples and other codes (such as Atropos).

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