Cooperation agreement of JSC «Medicine» and GE Healthcare

20 Января 2021
The agreement on joint activity of JSC «Medicine» and GE Healthcare

On December 21, 2020, Academician Roitberg's Clinic and GE Healthcare signed an agreement on joint international and national clinical trials at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine (INM), as well as on training personnel for narrow specializations. The start of work is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021.

The program is aimed at promoting global practices and integrated solutions, at the same time it takes into account the goals and objectives of the federal project «Fight against oncological and cardiovascular diseases». Research is planned to be carried out within a year after the launch of the cyclotron and radiochemical laboratory at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine in Khimki.

According to the agreement, there are plans to conduct a number of clinical trials using radiopharmaceuticals obtained by the cyclotron method based on 68Gа, 11C, 18F. Cooperation will allow conducting research using radiation diagnostics, as well as establishing interaction with international medical research institutions.

In addition, the educational center will train medical personnel in accordance with modern requirements. Subsequently, the institution will be used as an expert platform for holding scientific, educational and practical conferences.

The Moscow Region Institute of Nuclear Medicine will expand the capabilities of nuclear medicine and become one of the largest research centers in Europe. The Institute plans to introduce the latest developments and methods of treatment in the field of oncological diseases, to manufacture radiopharmaceuticals in accordance with domestic and international quality and safety standards, including GMP standards.
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