Новое исследование выявило удивительные результаты от использования лакокрасочных материалов

3 Апреля 2024
A recent study conducted by the department of R&D company APS PAINTING GROUP revealed several interesting facts about the use of paints and varnishes. The study, which focused on the consumption of paints and varnishes in various industries, shed light on current trends and practices in the market.

According to the study, the use of paints and varnishes has increased significantly over the past 2022, with consumption increasing by 15% compared to the previous year. This growth can be attributed to an increase in the number of construction and renovation projects, as well as the growing demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable paints and varnishes.

One of the most surprising results of the study was the transition to water-based paints. The study showed that the use of water-based paints increased by 20%, while the use of solvent-based paints decreased by 10%. This shift can be explained by growing awareness and concern for the environment, as well as stricter regulations on the use of harmful chemicals in paint products.

The study also showed that the majority of paint and varnish materials are used in the construction industry, followed by the automotive, oil and gas and furniture industries. This highlights the importance of paints and varnishes in various sectors and the impact they have on the economy as a whole.

APS PAINTING GROUP hopes that these results will help paint manufacturers and businesses make informed decisions about the production and consumption of paints and varnishes. APS PAINTING GROUP also encourages the use of environmentally friendly paints and varnishes to help create a greener and healthier environment.

This study serves as a wake-up call for the paint industry to adapt to changing trends and market demands. In the context of increasing environmental awareness and the need to apply sustainable methods, it is extremely important for enterprises to prioritize the use of environmentally friendly paints and varnishes. APS PAINTING GROUP will continue to conduct similar research to gain valuable information and promote responsible consumption of paints and varnishes.
General manager
Menelaos Sazos